The Berlin Wall is a world known symbol of oppression, fear, and inhumanity. When it fell in 1989, the people of Germany reunited and the international community joined in their renewed hope. The wall also became a concrete tapestry to express freedom from oppression through art and graffiti.

During a visit to Washington D.C. in July 2017, a group of family members and advocates attending a Mental Health Event at the Newseum ran into this piece of the Berlin wall that was on display. This picture was captured as an appropriate sign for our activism on behalf of people with serious mental illnesses.

Please help the NSSC build a national wall of caring for serious mental illnesses by joining our coalition and our call to action campaigns. The NSSC will unite our voices for serious mental illness and tear down the wall of silence and inhumanity that is killing our loved ones, our families and possibly our national soul.  Together, we will “Act Up,” speak out and inspire change. 

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