NSSC is a nonpartisan alliance of ​​family members, individuals suffering from SMI, professionals in the trenches, and people who care who are uniting to ensure that mental illness, health, and criminal justice systems count those with SMI, SED, and their families in all federal, state, and local policy reforms. We are voices for the 11.2 million adults and 7 million children living with and dying too young from serious mental illness.

Who we are

NSSC supports a right to treatment before tragedy for all age groups living with the brain disorders commonly known as serious mental illness. NSSC envisions a medically based system of non-discriminatory, quality, comprehensive, coordinated continuum of care.

What we support

As a coalition of individuals and organizations from diverse political, economical and cultural backgrounds, we agree to and support the shared values and principles delineated in the NSSC Membership Packet, as well as our Points of Unity, which is a living document of continuous learning and action that will inspire system change.
NSSC invites all organizations and individuals willing to share power, knowledge, a committed work ethic, and who are in agreement with our Points of Unity (POUs) to join us. Please help us by signing the Pledge of Support and completing our membership packet.​​​​
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Why we care

Please show you care by joining our  call to action campaigns that will be #ShatteringSilence4SMI and demanding #HelpB4Harm, #TreatmentNotPunishment, #EndIMDExclusion, #ABedInstead.